The month of June has seen some intensive activity from the Steel Manufacturing Industry on the OOH landscape of Greater Cairo, with Egyptian brands racing  against each other launching outdoor campaigns – and later on extending  them in response to competitors’ Out-Of-Home initiatives.

The first company to appear on the scene was Egyptian Steel, who launched a comprehensive outdoor campaign in the last week of May with football star Cristiano Ronaldo as brand ambassador. Real Madrid’s top scorer,  known to be picky when it comes to lending his image to brands,  appeared in the outdoor ads wearing the uniform of the company and  emphasizing the company’s slogan “The New Generation of Steel”.

With  special die-cuts, Double-Decker poles and Gates on the highest roads of  the city, the outdoor campaign encompassed the launch of the company’s  TV commercial, an inspiring ad of the many opportunities that Egypt has  to offer to younger generations. Despite the strong theme and projection  of the ad, audiences were disappointed to see CR7 appearance was a not-very-crafty-delivery in chroma, as he actually never set foot in Egypt for the ad.

While business tycoon Abou Hashima, Chairman and CEO of Egyptian Steel, announced in his new network channel ON Drama the upcoming visit of football star Ronaldo, all we got was a mockup of the footballer, along with the stars of the channel for their Ramadan campaign at Lebanon Square. The mix-and-match of branding strategies for the  manufacturing company and the TV network channel has left a sort of  sweet and sour taste among Egyptian viewers.

From the other side of the ring appeared El Garhy Steel, reinforced after their merger with National Steel, as if it was time to show their new rebranded look. Also with a devoted TV commercial on the guides of most national channels, El Garhy Steel demonstrated that they could also play the media game and launched a  comprehensive OOH campaign across the Greater Cairo. Images of their  products and manufacturing facilities on Large, X-Large and Mega  billboards could be seen on major roads and streets around the city.

The outdoor track got even more interesting when Egyptian largest steel manufacturer Ezz Steel came forward with a more discreet, yet very forceful outdoor campaign. With world squash champion Nour El Sherbini as protagonist, the brand emphasized their initiative of sponsoring Egyptian young champions – another way of offering inspiration to the younger generations of  Egypt. Gates, Double-decker poles, Large uni-poles, and some impressive  Megas put this campaign in front view, even though their presence was  more limited in the number of locations.

Maybe a bit flattered with the competition of sports stars, El Garhy Steel suddenly stunned all viewers with special production billboards that hit la crème de la crème of our Creative Section.  As an upgrade to their outdoor campaign, they strategically positioned  the new billboards in selected, highly-visible and trafficked locations  across the city.
Egyptian Steel spared no efforts throughout the month, and we have seen their outdoor  campaign expand to further locations with bigger and more visually  attractive die-cuts, as well as the afore-mentioned mock-up of Ronaldo and ON TV Drama celebs at Lebanon Square.
With such patriotic messages, inspiring successful athletes and rebranding efforts, the Steel Manufacturing Industry of Egypt has certainly created a big buzz during this month, giving us a break from all the talk about the Ramadan campaigns.
 What does the month of July have in store for the OOH industry of  Greater Cairo? Stay tuned to see which brands rock the landscape of  outdoor media next month!

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