The renowned platform, Shahid has recently obtained high watching rates, where the number of subscribers is rising up to almost million subscribers. To maintain this ratio and increase more subscribers, Shahid is keen to stream exclusive content from different series and movies over the current month of July. Therefore, Shahid swept Dubai’s billboards with a new OOH advertising campaign, revealing a new exclusive series binge to watch this July. This campaign soared on the billboards after gathering all Arab stars on the Shahid platform to broadcast multiple series during the holy month of Ramadan 2021 in its previous OOH campaign.  

The visuals display 3 exclusive series, recommended to watch this July. The second season of the drama “Leh Laa” or “ليه لأ” (Why Not?!), starring the superstars Menna Shalaby and Ahmed Hatem among many other stars with the kid Selim Mostafa who caught the eyes with his talent.  After the positive reviews of the first season of “Leh Laa?!”, featuring the lovely actress Amina Khalil, the second season became a fan favorite as well as it shaped society, where the plot tackles important topics like social standards, defied by Nada; embodied by Menna Shalaby and the issue of adoption in Egypt. 

In addition, “Dor El Omor” (The Role) or “دور العمر”, starring Cyrine Abdelnour along with many other actors. The story centers around a beautiful and psychologically disturbed woman, obsessed by a fictional character named “Amir” and they will get embarked on a twisted journey against criminals aiming for revenge. The series will be broadcasted on 15th July via Shahid VIP. On the other hand, Shahid VIP is streaming “Rashash” or “رشاش” by Yagoub Al-Farhan and other all-Saudi casts. The dramatic series, which is based on true events, tells the story of the notorious criminal of the same name in the 1980s and the Saudi police's attempts to put him to justice. This new campaign emerged in the first week of July with limited locations on Digital Screens in Dubai.

The Art & Science of OOH

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