News is designed to enlighten people and shape their paths, this is where Al Ghad TV comes in. A media broadcast channel and satellite TV news channel coming all the way from Egypt to the UAE and the UK, Al Ghad TV is the first Arab news channel to be established from Cairo. The OOH campaign was released for the first time in Dubai, UAE.

The channel is built on providing the audience with the news that are both accurate and objective, so they can find the truth without any sort of subjectivity or bias. Al Ghad TV aims to push for contemporary thinking and to uplift intellect and culture, also it values the timeliness of news and attempts to always be up to date.

The outdoor campaign features the channel’s anchors and reporters on both the right-hand side and the left-hand side, each dressed formally and appeared in an impeccable manner to represent the channel well. The background behind them is the city’s skyline at night, showing how they cover all areas and broadcast 24/7, even at late hours. The campaign has two styles of billboards; one from a middle shot view and one from a closer view on the reporters’ faces to give a feel for the truthfulness and transparency of the channel. In addition, the billboards are in Arabic, with the channel's name and tagline “أينما يكون الخبر.. نكون” and highlight the phrase “الصورة بكل الأبعاد” in the center to grab attention, while the social media platforms, website, and satellite frequency details are spotted on the bottom left corner. This campaign emerged in Dubai's neighborhoods in the first week of July with limited locations; on Hoarding Billboards and Digital Screens.

The Art & Science of OOH

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