The Egyptian Tax Authority development plan aims to adapt to global changes and the strategic shift to create a tax keeping pace with modern developments, maximizing its participation in the process of construction and supporting the stability of the Egyptian economy, Companies will be able to submit tax returns and sales receipts electronically on the system, which will also give businesses the ability to complete audit requests online, eliminating the requirement to maintain physical receipts of sales invoices. This all comes as part of the Egyptian government’s planned unified digital tax payment system, which will enable businesses to file and pay income tax, stamp tax, VAT, and real estate tax through a single online platform, which is the Egyptian Tax Authority, featured as ETA

The ad visuals copy appeared via Cairo billboards, featuring The Egyptian actor Mohamed Ragab, as their brand ambassador to spread awareness about the ETA different services in a friendly manner, the ad also mentioning their hotline number and website for any further information

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