Al Sedek Real Estate has reappeared via a new Ramadan vibing OOH campaign mentioning "Your Ramadan With Al Sedek Everywhere", as well as the same meaning hashtag in Arabic. As known that Al Sedek Real Estate is considered one of the leading groups in the field of investment, it has a long history of serious work in the real estate field. Its investments have witnessed many development projects that contribute to building society and developing individuals, such as the Al Sedek Schools Group, advertising companies, and real estate investment

This time Al Sedek back with a new Ramadan Campaign, featuring ad visuals that represent Ramadan friendly vibes, as well as mentioning  "رمضانك_معانا_في_كل_مكان#" hashtag, the ad visual bottom part mentioning the locations of their current projects in " Maadi, 6 October, Nasr City, Masr El gdeda", and their hotline number for any further information

You can reveal more about this campaign’s budget, OOH kinds, locations, and more by visiting MOOH, Egypt, and The Emirates OOH-dedicated analysis system and Media Intelligence. 

Campaign Credits

Industry: Real Estate

Brand: Al Sedek Real Estate

Advertiser: Al Sedek Real Estate

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Ramadan Campaign

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