Every Ramadan season, people excitedly await the new slew of star-studded TV shows. Therefore, Dubai TV has finally released a new OOH campaign that spices up the billboards of Dubai since its last OOH campaign, promoting its exclusive shows for Ramadan 2021.

Sama Dubai is showing the dubbed UAE’s version of The Simpsons; the popular animated series شعبية الكرتون (Rural Neighbourhood) is back for its 15th season. The Emirati comedian duo Abdullah Zeid and Gomaa Ali are coming back together with a new sitcom named “حامض حلو". Moreover, The series “وأنا أحبك بعد” which translates to “I Love You Too” is showing on Sama Dubai as well as the Syrian series “الكندوش” by Ayman Zidan and Sulaf Fawakherji. It also conjures up the show “الناموس”, led by Mohammed Al-Mansour and Haifaa Adel. Dubai TV showcases three Egyptian shows which are “ضد الكسر” (Unbreakable), played by the superstars Nelly Karim and Mohamed Farrag, “لعبة نيوتن” (Newton’s Cradle) by the superstars Mona Zaki, Mohamed Farrag, and Mohamed Mamdouh and last but not least the megastar Youssra in “حرب أهلية” with Bassel Khaiat and the two promising actress Jamila Awad and Mayan El Sayed. Dubai TV broadcasts the Kuwaiti series “سما عالية”, starring Jassem Al-Nabhan and Zahra Al Kharji as well as the series “الروح والرية” by Hiba Al-Durri and Shaima Ali. The ad copy highlights the Campaign’s motto in Arabic “Together in Ramadan”. 

This OOH Campaign was revealed in the second week of April; on Lampposts at Sheikh Zayed Road, Heasaa Street, and Jumeirah Street in Dubai. In addition, this campaign has made its appearance on Unipole billboards at Al Maktoum Bridge in Dubai. 

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