The View Real announced the launch of their new real estate project Epic Residence in the new Sheikh Zayed, with a huge investment of more billion pounds, as part of its expansion plan in the Egyptian market. The new Zayed held on more sites Distinguished on the Alexandria Desert Road and the Dabaa Axis Road, the structural percentage of the project will not exceed 20%, while the remaining 80% of the building area is green areas, in addition to 500 square meters of green spaces for each independent villa, as well as includes surveillance cameras, a sports walkway, and bicycle path, besides children's play area, artificial lakes, a sports club, in addition to commercial, service and entertainment mall

All you need is to "Get Ready For Something Epic In Zayed" especially it will be implemented within 3 years and will be carried out in two phases, as it was decided that construction work on the project will start by the end of the current year, indicating that the company offers various payment systems commensurate with the different purchasing capabilities of the target customers, with advances starting from 0% and facilities Up to 10 years. Therefore, The View as usual seeks to have a strong presence in the Egyptian market during the coming period; accordingly, they focus on launching a different urban community, with construction mechanisms and modern systems that fulfill all the clients’ desire

The Campaign ad visuals popped up recently in Cairo streets, featured with playful greeny vibes, with different focus images of different activities that would add extra happiness for all different ages, mentioning "Don't Miss Epic Happiness", with "The View" tree slogan, with a call-to-action via the ad bottom part throughout their hotline number for any further information

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Real Estate

Brand: Epic Residence

Advertiser: The View Real Estate

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign

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