Total, the leading energy company, has shown up on Cairo's billboards with a promotional outdoor campaign partnering with the renowned Skoda, to promise that you can now "Win your dream car" with Total Quartz engine oil. It appears on the road a few months after its previous OOH campaign.

Apart from its already advantageous catchy red color, Total has emerged to grab the passersby's attention more by featuring two of Skoda's top new 2021 models. It's announcing that can enter a draw to win two Skoda Kodiaq when you buy the 4-liter Total Quartz INEO, and another chance to win two Skoda Kamiq when you buy the 4-liter Total Quartz 5000, inviting you to send your code right away by putting down the hotline for SMS.

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Oil & Gas

Brand: Total

Advertiser: Total Egypt

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Promotional Campiagn | Škoda

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