The pandemic’s effect on all of us around the globe was not that easy, although we thought that most of us won’t feel well during the quarantine, we learned, grew, and got together more, and appreciated the moments we are having together, this is what Coca-Cola is highlighting on Dubai’s billboards with its multi-channel emotional campaign.

The international brand is repeating its successful pattern by turning to its most used marketing approach worldwide; the emotional appeal, showing shots from the digital and TV ad displayed everywhere, portraying different happy families of different cultures, religions, ethnicities, and more, learning how to spend more time together, where food and coke made them more coherent. The ad copy reveals “Together tastes better”, “Just add friends”, “For an amazing night”.

The campaign was on the roads during the second week of December, popping on digital screens in Financial Center Road by Group Plus, while the megacoms in Al Barsha Heights by Arabian Outdoor, and lampposts in Al Safa Street, City Walk, Al Ittihad Street, Baniyas Street, Deira, Rabat Street, Tripoli Street, and Sheikh Zayed Road, including some of them by Primezone, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Campaign Credits

Industry: Food & Beverages

Brand: Coca-Cola

Advertiser: Coca-Cola Middle East

OOH Size: Digital Billboard | Lamppost | Mega Com

OOH Agency: Group Plus | Arabian Outdoor | Primezone

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Country: United Arab Emirates

Region: MENA

Tags: Al Barsha Heights | Al Ittihad Street | Al Safa Street | Baniyas Street | Branding Campaign | City Walk | Deira | Dubai | Financial Center Road | Multi-Channel Campaign | Sheikh Zayed Road | UAE | United Arab Emirates | Rabat treet | Tripoli Street

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