One of the fastest-growing industry in the globe, Mobile Apps have landed the billboards of Dubai, UAE to introduce all the startups and SMEs of different categories such as oil and gas, transportation, retail, hospitality and tourism, financial services and much more with different OOH campaigns, seizing the day to show off their services to the Emirati community.


Car-fuel company CAFU has released an OOH campaign parallel to their fellow Egyptian outdoor advertising campaign for the same brand, localizing their appearance to fit the Emirati culture more with the same design template, including the background, in addition to the ad copy that says “Petrol delivered to your car”, “Anytime. Anywhere”. The big media plan showed different messages on the billboards of Dubai to illustrate more about the brand’s services; “A petrol station in your pocket” localized in the Arabic language as well. The campaign popped out there on Dubai’s billboards using different types of OOH types and sizes hoarding, uni-poles, and a wall banner in Hassa St and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd and Sheikh Zayed Road.

Expanding, even more, the car-fuel company has launched a cross-promotional OOH campaign with Al Futtaim Group filled with festive vibes to announce that CAFU “Celebrates 1 million fill-ups” as a milestone in their journey, awarding them using with “The all-new Toyota RAV4”, “Order & win”, appearing on uni-poles and megacom in Al Khail St and Sheikh Zayed Rd.


Online portal and mobile app Car Switch, one of Dubai’s most rated car services application, appearing on Dubai’s billboards to make some noise about their brand, where you can buy and sell all types of cars with the best prices and full guarantees for free. The catchy wall banner and a uni-poles are displayed in AirPort St, Deira, and Sheikh Zayed Rd asking the audience “Selling your car?”, to assume that if the answer is yes, you will be able to “Sell for more” showed on a hoarding in Al Khail St.


The billboards of Dubai is announcing the joint venture of Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Careem, and Hala. The transportation app is strategically turning to a smart plan to make sure it gets the wanted visibility, focusing on using an OOH type that grabs the viewers’ attention on the roads with bridge billboards in Al Khail St. and Sheikh Zayed Rd, while the plan continues to have a special production (Die-cut) to create some buzz on the roads and spread creativity. 

Like Card

The online charging provider and part of DG Tech, Like Card, appears on a uni-pole in Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, with an awareness OOH ad that showcases the variety of global brands you can buy from online through Like Card; "Your digital entertainment gate". The visual appears with a creative concept of a die-cut showing all brands listed on a mobile phone to grab more attention to the top brands displayed. It mentions as well the website address topped by Apple Store and Google app as a call-to-action.


The online travel booking website and mobile app Tajawal, part of Seera Group, went down the streets of Dubai to spread an extensive promotional OOH campaign to let it be known that it's offering a 15% discount on travels and hotels booking from Tajawal. The campaign's visual is created on point with the red catchy brand color being dominant, demonstrating the discount clearly in blue, and making sure you get the feeling that it's going to be "Clearly the better trip".

The media plan included uni-poles, lampposts, bridge billboards, hoardings, and a wall wrapping located in different areas across Sheikh Zayed Road, Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Road, and Bur Dubai.

Virgin Mobile

The international retailer with branches across the globe, retail store Virgin megastore has released a website and mobile app to digitalize their services via wireless communication brand Virgin Mobile to increase their ROI by paving the way for their clients and potential clients. Virgin Mobile's ad copy informs that this is a “One app for your whole family”, adding a copy of their promotion at the very bottom of the visual of hoarding in Bur Dubai and a wall banner in Sheikh Zayed Rd.


The popular travel booking web and mobile app Wego has shown up on a billboard with a creative die-cut in Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai "For the love of going" and traveling experience in English language. The OOH ad displays a mobile phone with a simple special production, showing Wego's famous logo, sided by the campaign slogan and the acknowledgment "The Region's #1 Travel Marketplace" to keep in mind that Wego has always been a leader in the online experience of booking travels.

Although the previous OOH campaigns had different media plans, they all had one thing in common, displaying their services with awareness, creativity, and various messages and ad copies localized in Arabic and English. Stay tuned to track, monitor and analyze the mobile devices' journey and Dubai’s outdoor landscape.

The Art & Science of OOH

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