Marketing is the art of portraying a product or a service the way you want people to feel about it, this is more of an objective that each and every brand wants to achieve at the end of the day through different media channels that somehow complete each other perfectly. While advertising is the channel and tactic that marketing rely on, in order to achieve the mentioned goal.
 The competition between the different channels of advertising has always been on fire; TV eats radio for breakfast, the newspapers are dying and outdoor is thriving to capture your attention at every single day, on every single road by every single penny they own.
 Meanwhile, seasons also play a vital role to your campaign and using every chance, resource and opportunity you have is a must, since Ramadan is one of the most important seasons for advertisers to get their creativity on board and seize the day, and what is the most important thing we do during Ramadan? Yes, we give, we share and we donate. Non-profit organizations represent the cherry on the top of the month of giving’s cake, which makes it the perfect time for them to shine bright.

Ahl Masr Foundation

With the black representing mourning and death, Ahl Masr Foundation and hospital for burns victims has launched a new OOH campaign as a part of their multi-channel one, to keep up with Ramadan’s charity season, calling for Zakat that will save lives as their copy says. The TV ad is super emotional that some people called it depressing, with a lady that lost her kid for a fire that occurred on her birthday, which is a true story according to Ahl Masr’s Facebook statement. Some of the audience agreed that in order to touch people’s feelings, you will have to use strong visuals, with an emotional story to deliver a sustainable message that will stay on your mind making you eager to donate right now.


Al Baqyat Al Salehat

Reserving every penny they have for their Alzheimer hospital for elder people, Al Baqyat Al Salehat only launched an OOH campaign, to attract people’s attention on the roads and raise awareness for their noble cause. The non-profit organization is owned by Islamic Preacher Abla El Kahlawy, which explains her picture on the visuals that reflected peace, emotions and awareness, using a sky blue background and the Alzheimer purple ribbon symbol. While the copy says “Alzheimer”, “A tough moment”, digging a call to action by asking people to “Donate in order for us to complete the first hospital specialized in treating and caring for Alzheimer patients”. 



Non-profit organization and hospital Baheya Foundation shines everywhere on a new outdoor campaign, as a part of their multi-channel campaign with their positivity speeded everywhere, sending ladies a message that early diagnosis can end a happy ending. ”Fighting with their laughs” is the campaigns slogan showing powerful middle-aged women shinning on the billboards of Cairo, in addition to the iconic breast cancer symbol, the pink ribbon decorating the visuals that are harmonized with a white bright background. On the other hand, their multi-channel campaign has a musical ad sang by Egyptian Singer Carmen Soliman, with the same happy spirit that is reflected in their OOH campaign.


Egyptian Food Bank
With a nice gradient purple background, Egyptian Food Bank has released two new OOH campaigns parallel to their multi-channel campaign, one on the beginning of Ramadan and another at the end of the spiritual month, to keep up with all the other non-profits, the first ad had a catchy slogan saying رمضان في الأساس شهر الأحساس بالناس" Ramadan’s core is to feel the poor” which rhymes perfectly with their objectives for this Ramadan, while the visuals have their branded green background.  


Another ad includes lots of CTA’s in their copy asking people to “Help Saad to live his childhood”, “Help others to get help yourself”, “Help Suad to raise the finest children”. While their multi-channel campaign has a musical TV ad with Mohamed Adaweya’s sweet voice, the song is all about giving people’s something to live for, to be aspired with and to wake up every day to do. 


Egyptian Zakat & Charity House

Under the supervision of the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Egyptian Zakat & Charity House has released a new OOH campaign parallel to their multi-channel campaign, informing us that “The best way to show gratitude for the blessings you have” is by paying your Zakat. The multi-channel campaign is perfectly aligned with their OOH campaign, following the same concept and theme with Ali Gomaa’s, the Grand Imam of al-Azhar’s voice, narrating the ad wisely and nicely. 


Flashlight Association

Flashlight Association  has upgraded their OOH campaign  to raise money, stressing on that they spent “15 years doing good deeds” with their branded blue background In similarity, another visual include an old lady in a poor village in El Minya, one of Egypt’s governments, and a copy that says “Your Zakat is with us in the shelter and cover campaign” in order to “Build a house in El Minya"


Dr.Mostafa Mahmoud Charity

The non-profit organization Dr.Mostafa Mahmoud Charity  has launched a new multi-channel campaign to raise funds for their under construction’s hospital. The visuals of their OOH campaign have a light background with a doctor and life shots of their hospital under constructions. While the ad copy says “Increase your good deeds by helping others”, “40 years in help and continuing with more”. While their TV ad reflects the same positive vibes with a song using the outdoor messages as a lyrics and a special appearance of actor and dubbing artist Ehab Fahmy, encouraging people to donate for this noble cause. 


Misr El Kheir

“Your Zakat with Misr El Kheir – Changes lots of lives –“ with non-profit organization Misr El Kheir as a part of their multi-channel campaign. The OOH visuals use their branded green backgrounds, keeping the brand’s identity with this positive color; Parallel to it, another ad that contains their logo and slogan “Human development is our essential mission”; Ramadan calligraphy appears at the top left corner. While their TV ad has a different theme that is still relevant to their objectives with a story for everyday called "الحكاية لسة فيها كتير"  “The story still has much to be told”.

 In multichannel campaigns, will the TV ad affect the way people receive the OOH campaign?

 Although there are lots of non-profit organizations that went for the positive side, we can’t deny that the controversy around the non-profit organization’s campaigns can’t be unseen; strong visuals, emotional appeals are everywhere, drama, crying, and begging for money are too much to take for some people that sometimes they change the channel once certain ads are on, choosing not to get gloomy just because of an ad!

 On the other hand, some people believe that it’s what it’s, the content of the ad has to reflect its essence and the non-profits are all about helping those who are less fortunate than we are,
 those in pain and those in need and in order for advertisers to provoke donors they will have to portray the misery as it is, just crystal clear.

 We would like to know what do you think? Is it too much for you take? Would you get depressed and change the channel when a certain ad is on? Or is it okay for you to watch, feel lucky with 

what you have been giving and make a move to help those who are less lucky than you are? 


The Art & Science of OOH

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