It is this time of year where Egyptians consume enormous amounts of food. Before the arrival of the Ramadan, people rush to the supermarkets to fill their fridges and get ready to fast. Food & Beverages companies look forward to being present on your table during Iftar or Sohour; that is why this year’s competition was spiced up with nine Food & Beverages companies; fighting for their spot at your home.


Saudi dairy producer Almarai has shined on the billboards this year; not changing much from last year’s strategy. They introduced their rebranded packaging for the yogurt with monochromic blue backgrounds last year. However, this year they did another rebranding especially for Ramadan and included in the visuals traditional light Sohour and said that it matches everything. Parallel to it, another ad that promotes their fermented milk with a green background to be the showcase for the product and they introduced it using special production “die-cuts”.


The French dairy brand Danone returns to spice it up this Ramadan; keeping their last year’s strategy and adding more flavors this year. Keeping it light in last year’s campaign, Danone rebranded their packaging especially for Ramadan, and they were fulfilled with a crescent moon next to their “new” sober flavored yogurt back then. However, they went over the top this year with making it all about Ramadan with eye-catchy visuals filled with this month’s vibes as well as bringing us “The original taste of Ramadan” by introducing new flavors.


Another French dairy producer appears on the roads, Lactel is all about keeping you in shape this Ramadan. They were spotted before Ramadan, promoting their Greek yogurt which is known to be more rich and healthier than the regular yogurt. The brand focused on being healthy and digesting well, but there was nothing related to Ramadan, just like their campaign last year where they only focused on the national team and the world cup.


The Swiss multinational company Nestlé joins in the race this Ramadan to promote their yogurt, along with fruit flavored yogurt and flavored pudding. During last year’s campaign, Nestlé promoted their light and nutritious cereals, with an ad copy that says “A light, nutritious Sohour for your stomach and your family”. As for this year’s campaign, the visuals use a monochromic blue background to be the showcase for their product. Even though this campaign was launched during the first week of May just a few days before Ramadan starts, there was nothing related to the month on the visuals unlike their last year’s campaign.


Leading Egyptian dairy and juice producer Juhayna has kept the same successful strategy of last year to the point of repeating the same visuals with slightly different messages. During Ramadan 2018, the advertiser launched a campaign to promote their several products such as yogurt, fermented milk and tomato puree. Whilst for this year’s campaign, they stayed on the roads with an ongoing OOH campaign to promote their products, next to bringing their Ramadan drinks. During the campaign that was launched a few days before Ramadan, they repeated the same visuals as last year and only changed the message for their fermented milk “Well-digested, sir” and they upgraded it later with special die-cuts; the secret behind why they used the same visuals is still unknown.


International Beverages Company 7up gets in the festive mood by launching an OOH campaign to promote their drink with their brand ambassador Ahmad Fahmy. This year’s campaign targets a wide range of audiences; not being bias to anyone and showing different types of food that will definitely be tastier with 7up next to it.  The visuals use their branded green color along with a bright yellow color in partitions, they can attract the attention of viewers instantly.


Global beverages brand Pepsi continues to stay on the billboards after appearing in Al Hadaba Bottle campaign in April. As everyone was busy with the World Cup last year, Pepsi only focused on the national team in their outdoor campaigns. This year, Pepsi focuses on nostalgic feelings and gatherings with beloved ones; bringing three different generations in their ad, brand ambassadors like the legend Hussein Fahmy, Ghada Adel and Bayoumi Fouad; the ad copy sheds light on what the whole campaign is about “Your role completes our gathering”, to promote sharing and gathering during Ramadan.


Spice blends producer Spysi has appeared in a new OOH campaign after disappearing for a while. They use last year's strategy which is appearing right before Ramadan starts. Last year Spysi made a rebranding campaign, but as for this year, they are using bright red colors to be seen on the roads, as well as keeping their slogan from last year "Chef in a box" both campaigns appeared right before Ramadan, however they are both missing any sort of wishes or special designs specifically for the month.

Al Watania Poultry:

Egyptian chicken producer Al Watania Poultry was spotted on the billboards with a new outdoor campaign just a few days before Ramadan. This year, the visuals display their tasty chicken products with a bright orange background. Instead of adding any Ramadan wishes on their ads, they have focused more on showing their strengths and integrity by using phrases like “The biggest integrated group producing chicken in Egypt”, "We know its origin" and so on.

To conclude, the previous nine Food & Beverages companies have entertained and surprised us with their creativity and presence on the billboards; they have went over the top to be remembered and thrived to hold a spot in our minds, hearts and on our tables.

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