Italian car manufacturer Fiat has launched a new promotional OOH campaign for their Tippo Range.

Despite using the same visuals on their social media platforms, it definitely reflects the Ramadan spirits. A gradient bluish background, a mosque at the back along with two different colors of the car slaying on the asphalt. While the ad copy wishes people a “Blessed Ramadan”, encouraging everyone to seize the day and “Buy Fiat Tippo now and for a limited time” so you could be able to “have an Italian Eid this year” referring to the origins of the car. The bottom space is reserved for the car’s logo along with Dynamics'.

The campaign popped up on the roads of Greater Cairo during the first week of May using uni-poles and billboards.

Italian Eid! Fiat Tippo is gonna make it happen-00
Italian Eid! Fiat Tippo is gonna make it happen-00

Campaign Credits

Industry: Automotive

Brand: FIAT

Advertiser: Dynamics

OOH Size: Uni-Pole | Gate | Billboard

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Ramadan Campaign | Special Promotion | Fiat Tippo | Dynamics

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