The entertainment TV network DMC returns to the billboards to launch a Ramadan OOH campaign, introducing a wide variety of TV series and programs.

The visuals display their branded purple background, and the stars are shown in the middle with DMC’s halo behind them, making viewers feel Ramadan’s vibes. The ad copy features the name of the show, DMC logo and the channel’s hashtag “#لمة_رمضان_2019” which translates to “Ramadan gathering 2019”.

DMC will be airing series starring Mohamed Ramadan, Yasmine Sabri, Mohamed Ragab, Hamada Helal and Ahmad Fahmy.

The campaign started during the beginning of the third week of April and is expected to grow some more before the holiday starts, using uni-poles and double-decker poles in various locations across Greater Cairo.

DMC returns with new series for Ramadan 2019-00
DMC returns with new series for Ramadan 2019-00

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