With more than 4.000 large format billboards, The Greater Cairo  offers brands the opportunity to reach millions of target customers in a  fast, economic and difficult-to-miss way. However, in a city cluttered  with billboards every other corner, a distinctive ad campaign has become  a necessity for brands looking for a piece of the Egyptian market  share.

Whether you are competing with local or international brands, it  might be a good idea to analyse the effectiveness of your OOH strategy  and find the right way to stand out from the competition.

We have outlined for you 5 principles to help you rethink your strategy and amaze the market with your next outdoor campaign:


1. Simplicity

Some brands try to include so much information in their ads that the  viewers hardly get any of the details. Remember that most billboards are  placed on roads, and drivers cannot slow down to read your messages or  your contact details – or even understand the concept of your artwork!  Simplicity, therefore, is key to the ad success.

2. Location

With so many OOH suppliers, you may want to place an ad in each  district of the city and play with wide Geo Positioning reach. The  problem is that one ad alone is not so visible anymore, and brands  lately have started to use double-decker poles and gates to capture the  attention of onlookers. Alignment strategies such as the Oppo/OUTSITE set last October have proven to be highly successful, giving the brand  enormous visibility and the market something to talk about. Think about  choosing less locations, and getting more visible in target areas of  higher interest.

3. Design

Be creative, and be expressive! In a busy and crowded city like  Cairo, people do not have the time to stop and look at everything.  Therefore, you need to get their attention with impact. Creativity  always pays a long way in grabbing the viewer’s attention, in attracting  their interest. If you don’t want to be ignored, get creative!

4. Message

We know you have a lot of space, but this is not the place to tell  your brand’s story! Your ad copy must be clear, concise and highly  visible. Test your message for length and catchiness, ask your team to  read it aloud to double check the boldness of the words.  And make sure  it stands out from the colors of your design.

5. CTA (Call-To-Action)

This is a very controversial topic. Some advertisers don’t see the  point in including a Call-To-Action in their outdoor campaigns, thinking  nobody is going to follow up after viewing the billboard, while others  claim that CTAs actually help in multi-channel strategies. Whatever your  choice, if you decide to go ahead and include a CTA, remember to keep  it direct and simple, like a handle for your brand’s Facebook page, or a  short hashtag. If the CTA requires the audience to type too much, or to  remember too many words for later, they may give up even before reading  the last letter of the hashtag!

Although simplistic in their view, these five principles are often  overlooked by many brands. Everyday we find ads with complicated  artwork, or with such a long slogan that we hardly have any time to read  it before our car has already passed the billboard.

Devising the right strategy for your campaign will not be quick and  the process should not be rushed. Remember to keep your eye on the end  goal: more than 20 million potential customers are waiting for your next  OOH campaign!

The Art & Science of OOH

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