May 2018 has been the busiest month of the year so far! With the start of Ramadan in the middle of the month and Egypt’s National Team gathering steam for the all-time football event FIFA World Cup, the roads have flooded with OOH creativity in every corner of the city.

The overall OOH occupancy in Greater Cairo has grown to 87%, with Non-Profit, Broadcast Media, Banking, and Food & Beverages, taking the lead in variety and number of campaigns –  as they do every year.

As we detailed in our special analysis “The billboards of Ramadan – 2018 Edition (Part I)” a few days ago, the first sector to hit the billboards before the holy month was Non-Profit, led by Egyptian foundation Misr El Kheir, who started as early as April, and at the beginning of May was ready to re-launch the initiative of The Biggest Box, which they later upgraded to a new “Ramadan Nawar” campaign. At the same time, the foundation launched an intriguing teaser that later on revealed as a reinforcement of their Zakat initiative from April.

After the start of Ramadan, we also saw another important foundation Al Azhar with their annual philanthropic OOH campaign for Bait Zakat, and towards the end of May, Majid Al Futtaim’s launched their yearly donations campaign.

TV networks and radio stations in the Broadcast Media industry quadrupled its OOH occupancy and grew to attain over 7% of the OOH market of the city.

MBC Misr was the first to hit the roads, with their usual branded backgrounds, followed by DMC, who included lighting effects in a campaign upgrade and ranked #17 among the monthly Top Campaigns, as well as CBC, who reappeared after a whole year with die-cuts for the leading stars of their shows

Al Naharrepeated the same artwork as last year’s Ramadan, same as ON Drama, who arrived late and used the same campaign as 2017 and ranked #10 of the Top Campaigns. New channel Hawas TV was also present with an outdoor campaign, and Egyptian channel AlHayah also hit the roads with their Ramadan stars and ranked #16 of the Top Campaigns.

Nogoum FM was the first radio station to present their broadcast schedule for Ramadan,  later joined by 90.90 FM who also announced their radio shows for the holy month, while international French station NRJoffered energy instead of drama.

The Banking sector also delivered some surprises, increasing their outdoor occupancy to over 4%. Banque Misr repeated the same teaser and reveal OOH strategy as last year, using the figure of Talaat Harb to inspire audiences with good wishes during the Holy month.

The Agricultural Bank of Egypt – ABE launched an Out-Of-Home teaser campaign reclaiming agriculture anonymously, to later on reveal a rebranding OOH initiative that ranked #7 in the rank of Top Campaigns. And EALB also appeared on the billboards with a branding campaign.

EG Bank brought back their beloved character Ra’ouf from last year’s Ramadan campaign to promote Mint Hub on Cairo’s billboards.

Another leading sector during May was Food & Beverages. Ramadan, football and good wishes spread across the industry and filled our billboards with a good variety of OOH campaigns.

Dairy producers were the busiest, as usual during the holy month. Almarai launched a rebranding campaign, Obour Land appeared with green pastures and organic ingredients, and Lactel showed its sponsorship of Egypt in the road to Russia 2018. Juhayna hit the roads with their leading products, and global Danonecreated special flavours for Ramadan.

Global soft-drinks Coca Cola started the month offering Egypt’s t-shirts for football fans, while later on Pepsiconnected fans to Egypt’s National Team, and local juice-maker Faragellorepeated the same OOH campaign as last year.

Another global brand – Ferrero focused its outdoor strategy in a special edition of Nutella for the holy month, and some local brands like Tiger, Allam, and Spysi came to the billboards to remind viewers of their products just before the holy month.

Brands in the Foodservice industry were also active. Monginis celebrated Ramadan with its usual fusion of ingredients and flavors, Etoilefocused again on their kunafa and Amer Group launched a campaign for all the group’s restaurants.

QSR McDonald’s  repeated the Ramadan mealbox and KFCoffered full combo meals for Iftar and Suhoor.

With Ramadan and football, Telecom providers were quite busy too! Though the occupancy of the sector maintained a stable 8% like the previous month, there was plenty of variety.

WE started the month with a campaign for brand positioning, offered to take Egyptians’ support to Russia and finished the month with an OOH campaign for internet bundles.

French telecom Orange focused on a limited campaign starring Mohamed Hamaki, and after Ramadan started the brand brought their deluxe neighbors to the billboards.

Etisalat also launched two campaigns, starting with cross-promotions to later on fill the billboards with their exclusive Ramadan stars.

And Vodafone followed suit with a limited-time offer for internet, which was later eclipsed by their Ramadan campaign that combined the holy month and football and ranked #6 of the monthly Top Campaigns.

Despite still being the largest industry on the roads, Real Estate decreased its OOH occupancy during May. The sector went down to 49% as other industries increased their prominence during the holy month.

Marakez surprised the market with a new launch in New Cairo – a campaign that was upgraded during the month and ranked #8 among the Top Campaigns of May.

The craze of branding campaigns continues. City Edge has joined it this month with an initiative that took position #12 of the Top 20, while SODIC has renewed the look and feel of SODIC EAST and HassanAllam has continued a strong strategy of teasers and branding campaigns.

MNHD launched the biggest campaign for SARAI, ranking an undisputable #1, with over 100 large-format ad faces to present the new launches at the mega project.

EdgeHolding went also massive ranking #3to reveal OIA in the New Capital, closely followed by NextHome who ranked #4to present Next Point and ARCO who ranked #5after upgrading their “ARCO-techture” campaign.

Other renowned developers were part of the Top 20 of May. For example, AKAMannounced their first project and ranked #13, Sabbour moved down to #14 with Odyssia, PalmHillslaunched a cultural project and ranked #15, and OUD closed the ranking with their campaign for AZADIR that ranked #20. And after evolving their campaign for La Capitale, Pyramids got to rank an impressive #2.

Some other industries, such as Oil & Gas and Home Appliances, have also been present, but ranked lower than usual due to the invasion of campaigns for Ramadan.

Stay tuned as we get ready for the summer campaigns in Al Sahel. And remember: the better the insights, the better the strategy!


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