The  month of April has experienced some fluctuations in the OOH scenery of  Greater Cairo. As expected, most industries started getting ready for Ramadan,  which is literally round the corner, and the shift of focus in their  outdoor strategies has been obvious. Despite the drop of OOH occupancy  to 86%, the market has been busy with several sectors taking the lead with growing numbers.

Spring has also been a determinant factor. Brands in the Fashion industry have increased their OOH presence to 2% during April. For instance, Concrete switched B/W artwork to full-color to present their Spring/Summer collection – just like last year. Regional manufacturer Al Nasr started to promote their official football clothing to support Egypt’s National Team during Russia 2018.

Banking  has also doubled their OOH presence, with regular advertisers as well as new names in the outdoor industry. ABK-Egypt chose to offer “easy” banking, while ALEXBANK came back to the roads to intensify their promotion of Liverpool cards with an massive campaign that placed them #20 in the Top 20 of the month. Arab Investment Bank appeared on the billboards for the first time with a branding campaign, and AAIB – also a first-timer on the roads – launched a campaign for a variety of financial products.

The Ceramics industry, which has been idle during the winter months, was back on with Ahmed El Sallab’s new top campaign that promoted the brand’s malls by locations across the city and ranked #15 in the Top Campaigns of the month.

Automotive also increased their share of the overall OOH occupancy and now takes a bit over 3%. Diamond Motors launched both, a teaser and a reveal campaign to announce the new Mitsubishi Eclipse model in Egypt. Auto Jameel also announced the new Ford models for 2018, and BMWcontinued their OOH strategy.

Broadcast Media has started their soaring just before Ramadan. Al Oula came back to the roads with a new talk-show, and D-Media Groupreturned all DMC channels to the roads after a long absence. New advertisers have changed the industry dynamics, like PNC who launched an outdoor campaign promoting all their channels, and Hawas TV who debuted on the city billboards for the first time.

Likewise, Telecom Operators  have increased the reach of their OOH strategies, with more variety of  campaigns per advertiser, though in smaller numbers of locations. Orange had two parallel OOH campaigns running, promoting their jungle tariff plans Eagle and Dolphin respectively. Regional operator Etisalat made a bigger effort, with as much as 3 simultaneous campaigns. The mobile network started with a new offer for Samsung S9 with Emerald Plan, then reinforced their OOH strategy with a branding positioning campaign and ended with an additional cross-promotion.

Vodafone was more discreet, and parallel to their Salah campaign from end of March which has run during April and ranked #4 of the Top Campaigns, they launched a minor initiative to promote their Ready bundles for business customers, and local network WE announced their new Indigo tariff plan with Ahmed Ezz as brand ambassador – another massive campaign that has ranked #9 of the monthly Top.

On the other hand, active industries like Shopping Malls , Events & Exhibitions and Food & Beverages have decreased their OOH occupancy.

In the case of F&B, the sector is certainly taking a break before the bigger campaigns of Ramadan,  but still April has seen plenty of activity, with a special focus on  rebranding and new packaging in the renowned brands. For example, Juhayna promoted the new look of Bekhero juice, Chipsy showcased the rebranded packs of Chipsy Crunchy and Chipsy Forno, and even global Cadburyrebranded Dairy Milk Bubbly with a  Top Campaign that ranked #12.

Football was an important theme in the industry too. Pepsi and Mirindastarted to celebrate the Wolrd Cup and Snickers offered to take “hungry” Egyptians to Russia.

And Real Estate continues the unstoppable conquer of the OOH market, with even new advertisers joining the roads to announce their projects.

Sabbour set the market in motion with an upgraded OOH campaign for Odyssia, with the new launch of Alaire that expanded throughout the city massively and ranked #1 of our Top Campaigns in April.

Some leading Egyptian developers brought back previously-advertised projects. For instance, SODICrenewed the outdoor campaign for October Plaza, and announced the final phase at Sky Condos, while Arabia Holdingresumed the promotion of Galleria and Wadi Deglaannounced a new launch at Neopolis with another massive campaign that ranked #5.

Talaat Mostafa also renewed the image of Madinaty on the roads, with a large campaign that ranked #14 in the monthly Top Campaigns, and INERTIA replicated the nautical experience at JEFAIRA ranking #18. Orascom has also reappeared to promote Makadi Heights and ranked #17.

ARCO has gone all creative this month and developed the “ARCOTECHTURE”, with a massive strategic campaign that has ranked #2 in our monthly Top 20. Palm Hills continues its creativity in another level, after upgrading their OOH branding campaign. And Laguna Bay has added color to their branding image.

Teaser campaigns continue to be the new “it” in the market, after last month’s branding frenzy. AZAD tried to make it for April’s Fools Day, while La Vistafocused on the strategic side and MBG just launched a second teaser after the reveal of the teaser, puzzling us all!

Branding is still on, and the best way to enter the market. Such seems the case of AKAM Developments, who has debuted with their first OOH branding campaign that was big enough to be visible and rank #10 of our monthly Top Campaigns.

New projects have also taken the scene this month. OUD has revealed the first images of AZADIR in New Cairo and ranked #8 of the Top Campaigns. Pyramids, in the New Capital, has presented French-style La Capitale, along with Sorouh who has launched Entrada with a campaign worth of position #16 of our Top 20.

Other industries like Oil & Gas, Online Portals and Medical & Pharmaceutical have all continued their usual market fluctuations, without any significant change in the overall OOH occupancy.

Next month we will cover all Ramadan campaigns, so stay tuned for the great creativity coming our way! And remember: the better the insights, the better the strategy!


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