With Ramadan approaching fast, we see marketers across Greater Cairo rushing to  finalise the last touches of their special marketing campaigns for the  holy month. Ramadan is, specially in the MENA Region, a great  opportunity to connect with customers for brands across almost every  industry.

It is the time for best wishes, good deeds… and special offers! While  many brands focus their campaigns strongly on TV and social media,  experienced marketers know that the billboard is the place to be. Brands  who fail to understand the importance of outdoor in Egypt miss out on  one of the most influential touchpoints with Egyptian consumers. Just  think of all that extra commuting we’re all going to do every day for  Iftar and Suhoor to reunite with family, friends and colleagues – the  roads of Greater Cairo will certainly get packed, with the number of  potential customers growing exponentially at different times of day and  night.

Let’s have a look at the basic elements of a good Ramadan OOH  strategy and make sure your outdoor campaign is ready for the holy  month!

1. Get to the roads early

Every year, we witness a higher OOH occupancy on the roads in the  weeks preceding Ramadan, with brands from certain industries taking  their spots as early as 6 weeks before the start of the holy month.

Just as your marketing department is getting ready for that great  campaign, Muslim families across the world are also planning the many  gatherings and celebrations ahead. Sectors like Food & Beverages and Broadcast Media are always the first to come to the roads well ahead the start of the  holiday, and not too far behind they are usually followed by Telecom Operators and Non-Profit.

2. Grab the audience attention fast

In a crowded city like Cairo, standing out from your competitors is  no easy task. Some brands try to be the first to hit the roads to gain  some extra visibility. Keeping in mind their target audience mobility  during Ramadan, leading brands in each sector strive to arrive earlier  than their competitors, and continue spreading across the main districts  gradually to keep the visual connection with the audience.

3. Book your OOH locations in advance

With over 6,000 ad faces across the city, our roads are cluttered of  OOH messages everywhere. Being there, even with a massive campaign, is  no guarantee of connecting with your audience anymore. If a brand wants  to be seen, they need to book the strategic locations on the major  roads, and those are the first to sell out every year.

Calculate your budget and hire your agency well ahead of the holiday, to make sure you get top-visibility spots.

4. Celebrate the holiday

Brands across all industries tend to send best wishes when Ramadan  starts, and come back with special celebratory messages for the Eid  during the last few days of the holy month.

This means that Ramadan campaigns, including artwork and messages,  are never static – even in the outdoor landscape! And as marketing  research shows, Ramadan-themed campaigns get much more attention from  the audience… so get crafting!

5. Don’t forget the good deeds

Many marketers tend to think that only global brands spare resources  in CSR initiatives. But the truth is that during Ramadan we don’t only  see special offers, we also see lots of great initiatives of local and  regional relevance.

Have a look around, find the gap where your brand can contribute, and  go make a difference. It’s not only about the media coverage – it’s  also about doing the right thing!

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